All About Tornadoes

By: Julian Snyder

Author's Note

I chose to talk about tornadoes since I've been interested in them for well over 10 years. I first got interested in meteorology when I found the show "Storm Chasers". Since that, every spring and summer I grow more and more interested in what causes tornadoes, and why we might not have a lot of strong tornadoes, or many tornadoes in general, but some years is the exact opposite. I chose the genre pieces of a graph showing the amount of tornadoes 2011-2022, a piece of art, and a recipe. I didn't have many problems making the general layout of the site, but because I chose to not use Google Sites, I had the extra challenges of doing everything from scratch. I think overall I had an easy success in making this website, however there are some glaring issues, mainly with some pages being scrollable when they shouldn't, and if I had more time I might have fixed stuff like that. Most people's feedback was essentially to finish everything but that everything looked really good so far, but that I needed to add a conclusion. I think this is the part I had the most problems with writing.

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